Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 STARS: RECOMMENDED READ from multitaskingmomma

[Krylov's] talent for the descriptive word is simply amazing. The thoughts and feelings of each and every individual character in this book... were... treated with such intimacy. This is an overwhelming book. The level of raw eroticism reached was more than I had ever encountered before. Dangerously Happy does not read like an ordinary romance/erotic novel. There were just so many layers: from the obviously highly erotic sexual content which ranged from vanilla, to consensual BDSM, morphing into rough sex to fulfill a fantasy, all the way to the psychological and emotional angst each man carried as baggage. It was heartbreaking and real and raw. Very, very raw. I am just astounded by this work. I cannot recommend this more, especially for those who want to read quality work."

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