Friday, May 2, 2014

Dangerously Happy now available for pre-order

After a hiatus of... oh... about six years, I'm writing again, and have just published a brand new erotic romance, Dangerously Happy.

Although every novel I've written before--from Abduction and After, to Hurt--have had delicious elements of gay romance and sex winding through them, Dangerously Happy is my first gay erotic novel, about a young L.A. musician who has no clue he's bi until he's seduced by a beautiful and incredibly magnetic author.

If you've read any of my other novels, it will come as no surprise AT ALL that beyond Aidan struggling to come to terms with the shock of suddenly finding himself violently attracted to and even falling desperately in love with a man, there's a malignant shadow darkening the promise of unexpected happiness for both him and Dario.

And if you've read my other fiction, you also won't be surprised there's lots and lots of hot, graphic sex as Dario introduces Aidan to the pleasures of being with another man, and as this adventurous couple bring the insatiable submissive Vera and the possessive, dominant, and sometimes dangerous Xavier into their bed.

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