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Dangerously Happy EXPLICIT EXCERPT: Dario and Aidan invite Vera into their bed

Dario pressed his chest and belly to my back, and her heavily mascaraed green eyes followed Dario’s hand to my cock, which he cupped and squeezed again before saying, “Aidan’s dick got hard when he thought about you getting off to the sound of us fucking.”
Yes, I was blushing again. But the way she smiled, I also realized that she was in and that Dario had probably known already what her reaction to our invitation was going to be. She strutted over like an expert coquette and cupped her own hand over Dario’s, and the change in pressure over my hard-on, the subtle friction, just about pulled all the air out of my lungs and sent a surge of blood to my cock.
“Is that true, Aidan?” she teased.
Nothing to lose, now. “Yes.”
“Should I go back downstairs, then, so you two can get started?” she asked.
Those green eyes fixed on mine, awaiting my answer. Waiting. Waiting.
“Aidan,” Dario murmured by my ear, but loud enough that I’m sure Vera heard him, “don’t be rude. Give Vera a kiss so she feels welcome.”
I don’t know how, but looking at her, at those meticulously made-up green eyes, I knew that’s what she wanted me to do. I brought my mouth to hers, paused for a moment in case I was wrong, in case she wanted to dodge my kiss, then touched her lips with mine. And then we really kissed. And all the while, Dario kept his body pressed against mine.
Then Dario said, “Do you want to share?” and for a second I thought he was talking to me, but then he said, “Or do you want him all to yourself?”
Smudged lipstick smile. “I was raised to play well with others. I don’t mind sharing.”
Dario coaxed, “Give her another kiss, love.”
When Vera and I merged into another hot, wet kiss, Dario started mouthing my neck, and the thrill of those two simultaneous sensations already had me trembling and whimpering. We played and fucked for hours. Vera was deliciously greedy, insatiable, inexhaustible. I think she came five times.
When I woke up, Vera was in the shower and Dario was lying next to me, hands laced behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. I was instantly filled with dread that we’d crossed a line the night before. That I’d been too caught up in my pleasure, in the thrill of what we were doing, and I’d somehow let Dario get hurt. But then he noticed I was awake, turned to me with a look of contentment, a look of love, and gave me a soft, lingering kiss.
“Did you enjoy yourself last night,” he whispered.
“God, yes. Did you?”
“Thoroughly. So much so, I was just lying here scheming about how we can most enjoy the rest of Vera’s visit.” A deep, tender kiss. “Why don’t you go take your shower while I make breakfast.”
“Sounds like Vera’s still in there,” I said.
“Yes it does,” he said with a suggestive grin.
I laughed, nervous, awkward. Playing, the three of us, was one thing. Him sending me off to screw his friend while he cooked for us felt like something else. “I’d rather be here. With you.”
Sweet smile. “Go on, love. Enjoy Vera while she’s here. In a couple days she’ll be gone. And you and I will still be here. Just like always.”
When I knocked, Vera chimed her, “Come in” in a playful sing-song, and when I opened the bathroom door, she gazed at me through the shower glass, unabashedly or possibly even exhibitionistically shampooing her hair, putting her wet body on perfect display.
“Whatcha got there?” she asked, looking at my hand. Suddenly walking in there with condoms seemed obnoxiously presumptuous. But I made myself open my hand and show her. “And where’s Dario?” she asked, rinsing the shampoo from her dark hair while the suds cascaded over her gleaming skin. Without any makeup, her hair wet and plastered over her scalp, she looked like a different person. Like the wholesome cousin of the girl I’d fucked in front of Dario the night before.
“Making breakfast.”
“Oooh. Pancakes, I hope. He makes the best pancakes.”
For minutes she wouldn’t let me kiss her or touch her. She got a handful of shower gel and slowly moved her hands over me, inch by inch, her big, green eyes locked on mine at first, then sometimes following, sometimes anticipating the soapy swaths down my arm, across my chest, down my belly. It was sexy as hell, watching her watch as she wrapped her frothing fist around my turgid cock and slowly stroke, watching her turn her gaze up and look at me while she worked me up to a pitch of desperate need, still not letting me touch or kiss. And then that little mocking grin as she abandoned my cock and went back to bathing me, taking her goddam sweet time, lathering my calves, my thighs, teasing my balls, turning me toward the wall and palming, caressing, squeezing my ass in both hands, then slipping her soapy fingers between my cheeks. I don’t know why that startled me so much.
She laughed, a pretty, lilting giggle. “Really? You’re shy about having your ass touched? And you’re with Dario?”
“I don’t know. It’s different with you.”
“Is it?” she said in a breathy, teasing voice she used now and then. Then she slid a finger into my asshole. Oh God. Oh fuck. “I wish I had a cock so I could put you on your knees and fuck you, Aidan.”
We settled for me sinking to the shower floor and her straddling and riding me through three climaxes before she finally let me come, begging, grabbing, bracing my feet and my back against facing walls and flexing to thrust up into her.
I was still inside her when she asked, “Are you in love with him?” It should have felt strange, that question, under those circumstances, but for some reason it didn’t.
When she smiled like that, now that her lips weren’t painted starlet red, she looked incredibly young. “Very much in love with him?”
“Good. I’ve never seen him this happy. That sadness he’s always had, that he’s always trying to escape or mask, hardly shows while he’s around you.”
When I got back to the loft after work that night, Dario was alone, and unusually intense. As soon as I walked in the door he was on me, kissing me hungrily, pulling me hard against him, practically clawing at me. “Come upstairs,” he panted. “I have a surprise for you.”
Even after our marathon session of incredible firsts the night before, I was shocked, maybe even a little frightened by Dario’s surprise. On the bed, Vera was naked. Blindfolded. Gagged. Bound with her arms stretched up overhead and her legs held wide apart by a bar between her ankles. I’ve never seen anyone look so vulnerable, or so lewdly displayed. Her cunt looked so utterly indefensible. And lying between her legs were a pile of condoms, a bottle of lube, two dildos and three ass toys, the sight of which instantly filled my mind with images of her cunt and asshole being penetrated.

In a low, taunting voice Dario said to Vera, “Look, honey. I brought you another friend to play with.” Then he put his hand on my cock, squeezed, and growled loud enough for Vera to hear, “Does this huge hard-on mean you like your surprise?”

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