Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boys in Our Books reviews Dangerously Happy

Krylov expertly plays with out-of-your-comfort-zone subjects that not everyone will fancy. But those who love their darker fare and mind fuckery will be thrilled to be able to plunge into Dangerously Happy. This new book doesn’t touch upon the scariest taboos that are out there though. In fact, it starts out as a deliciously tender gay for you story that combines all the tasty ingredients that come with the trope: the quiet lusting, confusing emotions, blushes, cherry popping and sweet angst . . GFY lovers, get in line! And if shy anal virgins aren’t reason enough to lean back and sigh, the narrator’s voice, his emotions, seemed so realistic to me, that it almost felt as if Krylov plucked my own thoughts out of my head and wrote them down. So different from stories in which you have to suspend disbelief when the plot is pushed forward by TSTL MCs who dwell in silly misunderstandings . . . Sweet and endearing as the beginning may be, Dangerously Happy doesn’t remain a cotton candy fest as the plot slowly shifts to dark secrets and past traumas . . . 

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