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FIVE STAR REVIEW for Dangerously Happy

5.0 out of 5 stars Dark needs are made of this....May 22, 2014
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This review is from: Dangerously Happy (Kindle Edition)
This is one astounding romance, full of eroticism, deep and many times dark emotions, where the feelings are depicted in achingly and excruciatingly heartfelt detail. It starts easily enough with a little tryst between a straight man, Aidan and Dario, a gay writer and the owner of a commune art space when people gather during the weekends to showcase their art and listen to underground bands. Aidan is the lead singer of one of these bands but at the same time holds a regular corporate job. After a bumpy start, when they split for a couple of months after A does something quite stupid, they settle in a fledging, budding relationship. Aidan feels like waking up, at last, after a life conforming to others' expectations, and they begin to explore what they have. But nothing is so easy. They must deal with serious trouble in the communal place and worst, it brings back an episode from Dario's dark and traumatic past. I will not reveal more of the plot, but let me tell you, the writing is so very intense. The story delves into the intricate, many sided aspects of BDSM, it's psychological and emotional needs and reasons.
As I said, at the beginning seems to be another GFY romantic sexy story but soon enough develops in ways not so your regular romance that can be uncomfortable for some readers of the m/m genre. To make myself clear: if you are looking for a cupcake, overly sweet and full of fluffy frosting, this is not. This is the "seven sins chocolate cake", sophisticated, decadent, dark and a bit sweet as well. Eaten with the best of champagne.
There are kinks galore, an MFM threesome, another MMM, just to mention something. The book, for moments, can be quite overwhelming as Dario & Aidan explore their love. their psyches, their sexual life. There was a moment in the interaction between the 2 MC and a third part that I actually felt Aidan's anxiety, my hands were trembling, my heart was hammering, I truly felt with him.
This is a book that at times, will make you consider the need to refresh your knickers and at other times, reach for a Xanax... or ten. It's an absolutely fascinating story, wholly recommended and worth it. Usually, I avoid to read books that have threesomes and /or kinky plays, I find them unbelievable or just silly porn smut. But I never felt I was given porn while reading Dangerously happy, not at all.
Finally, a recommendation: Don't read it while in public transportation or in company... unless it's a very very naughty company :-)

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